Mozaik Mont are the sole specialist firm in Serbia, that can install every kind of glass mosaic, manufactured by the world’s most renowned companies. These include: Bisazza, Trend, Sicis, Ezarri, Hisbalit. We also work with Chinese mosaic tiles which have shown in all of our tests to be just as reliable and of high quality as other well-known brands.

The firm was established in 2007 and quickly established itself as the outright leader in this field, throughout the whole region. The owner of the firm is Vladimir Milas, who has obtained a Bisazza Mosaic License, the only firm in Serbia to have achieved this.

Our firm is constantly reviewing new techniques and construction/installation fairs to ensure we are always one step ahead of the competition. We can design unique and one off installations that range from internal and external bathrooms, swimming pools, hotel and firm logos to borders.
We are authorised representatives of the only worldwide eco-friendly firm which produces the raw materials for our construction work – KERAKOLL The green building company from Italy.
Laying down mosaic is a process that requires only the most qualified workman to carry out, and our vast experience, passion to achieve the best and constantly evolving techniques guarantee long lasting quality, which can also be referenced in our previous work.
In the last 8 years we have laid mosaic tiles into more than 150 swimming pools, and for your own peace of mind all of our work is fully guaranteed. Whatever kind of swimming pool you want, be it private, waterpolo, Olympic or aquapark, we are fully prepared for any new challenges.

Since 2012 we have been importing glass mosaics from China, which allows us to have the lowest cost tiles in Serbia.

We always pride ourselves on our high quality of work and attention to detail which starts as soon as the swimming pool foundations have been laid.

Then we immediately start with the next phase of work:

  • insuring that the swimming pool foundation are flat and even ( plastering using special materials which have four times better adhesive qualities than any standard plaster),
  • making sure all necessary areas are covered with epoxy adhesives to ensure water tight finish (EPOBOND ECO),
  • laying down the most reliable hydroisolation (NANOFLEX ECO) ) which has double the adhesive power in comparison with two-component adhesive, which also carries a guarantee that it will not deteriorate over time because of the Chloride,
  • laying down glass mosaic using the most flexible white adhesive in the world (H40 ECO TENAFLEX)
  • grouting using the most modern cement/polimer materials which are free of pesticides and other hazardous elements, as well as epoxy materials which remain clean and never lose their colour.

We always recommend to use the same company for the entire installation which always produces the best quality of work.

It is critical to use specialized materials for swimming pools rather than any standard ones, as they have three to four times greater adhesive qualities, which allows them to withstand all the pressure from filling and emptying the swimming pool. Only if these guidelines have been followed will it ensure long life and quality.