Due to its large choice of colours and shades, glass mosaic is an excellent choice for any swimming pool and is the most important factor for the final look of the swimming pool. This mosaic will transform your swimming pool into a real work of art and set it apart from others. The use of glass mosaic tiles will give your swimming pool that glamourous finish. Its dimensions make it an ideal material, if not the only, which can be placed on any type of surface (oval, circular, etc…). Glass mosaic is the best quality material for the final finish of the swimming pool. By following all of the steps, using the highest quality materials and choosing the most experienced workman, the swimming pool will last indefinitely.

Alongside swimming pools, glass mosaics can be laid down into Jacuzzis, Turkish baths and fountains. Because of its luxurious appearance it is perfect for both internal and external usage: kitchens, bathrooms, bars, pillars, stairs, sinks, mirrors, ceilings, parts of furniture, exterior walls, etc… There are no standard tiles which can give you the same glamorous look and finish as glass mosaic tiles
It is crucial to know that technique of laying down glass mosaic tiles is completely different to the method of laying down standard tiles. There are specialised schools and faculties in the world which cater for mosaic tiler, which differ from ceramic tillers who have been educated in construction schools.

Our country is full of so called “experts” who claim to know everything. However, after putting your trust into these people problems arise which cost you far more than if you had invested slightly more to start off with and had chosen someone who specialises in the use of glass mosaic tiles. There are many factors which influence its longevity and if any are overlooked, it will lead to problems further down the line.